The purpose of your plan also determines its length. In a sense, a business plan used for seeking funding is part of a negotiation taking place between you and your prospective financial backers. If you already have relationships with potential investors, they may simply want a miniplan. Your goal is to see your top customers every two to three months.

Why should anyone hire you?

This is not the solution to your company's growth challenges. The goal and purpose of all economic activities is the satisfaction of human wants. A good lawyer can help you determine which entity would be best for your particular company and situation. To have a profitable business, what you really need are 1,000 true fans.

Even a one-person business has departments

What measurable targets can your employees use to hit the goals for their work? Just raising questions can sometimes lead to a solution, or at least ensure that if conditions change you won t be forced to make decisions hastily. You need to train to retain and improve employees. If you subcontract some of your work, review your subcontractors and look at what they are charging.

Is Distribution the main function of your business?

With all the different pressures of building a profitable company, it's often tempting to do things out of sequence or by the seat of your pants. And don't discount the value of your own opinions and thoughts, because they count for a lot. Business-builders are not task- or project-focused. After all, most of you can probably find as many compelling reasons why you shouldn't own a business as you can find reasons why you should.

Put the Customer First

Plus, you have access to a massive goldmine of information to help you succeed: podcasts, books, blogs, etc. Is your business moving toward giving you what you wanted when you started your entrepreneurial journey? Follow the agenda and stay on subject. Relationships grow when you are together having fun, enjoying a meal or event, or discussing ways to help each other.

Are your equipment rates accurate?

But once paid for, geothermal energy is effectively free. And the best way to ensure that a year from now you ll be looking back on your performance with satisfaction and pride is to plan now and often. That way you know your costs are covered for the work you are doing. ecause most business plans are created and disseminated electronically, it is easier for others to forward your email than it was for them to copy and hand over a hardcopy.