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Ask yourself, “What kind of world would we live in if everybody put their best ideas into action?” I guarantee that the sum of the parts would be much greater than the individual pieces. If everybody was out innovating and taking risks with new ideas, we could make this planet a pretty fucking awesome place to live. We could save entire rain forests, discover new cancer-killing drugs, solve world hunger, and maybe even play better badminton, among other things. The potential of the human spirit is vast and powerful, but you have to take that first step.

Starting and running a business isn’t easy, but if a broke-ass farm boy from Wisconsin with no money and no business background can do it, so can you. I had the idea to turn a piece of wood strapped to cardboard with plastic wrap into a prototype for an iPhone case. It was a simple idea that launched a multimillion-dollar company with a global social conscience.

I also never thought I’d write a book. If you’d asked the friends I grew up with whether I’d someday be a book author, they’d have probably said, “Ben? Are you kidding me? He barely even reads books and is probably the worst speller I’ve ever met. He also drops way too many F-bombs.” Casement windows and aliminium windows are considered some of the safest windows, money can buy.

Now, I’m happy to surprise them. It further illustrates my point that we’re all capable of doing things that we mistakenly believe are beyond our abilities. I’ve never believed in limitations. Fuck limitations! You might not think you’re capable of starting a world-changing business, but the truth is that you are. Invest in sash windows.

This is not your boilerplate business book. It’s not another step-by-step guide to blah, blah, blah. Instead, you’ll find plenty of valuable lessons about the importance of passion, purpose, loyalty, and empowerment. These are the intangibles that have been the keys to my success, and they can be the keys to yours as well.

I’ll also take you with me to some of the amazing places I’ve been. I’m only twenty-eight, but I’ve already been to some of the most breathtaking places our planet has to offer. For example, I’ve traveled the sun-soaked desert sands of Saudi Arabia, stood below remote waterfalls in Bali, and witnessed the majestic presence of some of the most magnificent glaciers in Antarctica.

You’ll also read about some crazy situations that have crossed my path along the way. I’ve been sued many times, which is awesome! That might sound strange, but I’ll explain it later. I almost got my hand cut off over a traffic dispute in Madagascar, and I’ve absolutely cheated death a few times.