Umbrellas are a better choice than hot tubs. Give your people weekly opportunities to perform, to learn, and to train others. Do you make hasty customer, purchasing, or employee decisions because you don't have enough time to research all the options and then put the right pieces together? .

Does your business have enough capital to keep going if you can?t pay the debt from earnings?

Most companies fail to realize that it takes five to seven times more energy and money to get new customers than to keep existing ones. The old saying about bankers lending only to people who don t need to borrow is almost true. That s why some research is required before creating your message. It does not require a magic key to unlock the door to business efficiency.

An expert isn?t always the person who knows the most

Keep in mind that you may need more than one attorney to cover all the different bases. Every business has something to sell, and the product section is where you tell readers what it is you re selling. There are few things so attractive to the masses as the tricks of the sleight-of-hand performer. Therefore, actors would benefit from striking flexible deals, which are renegotiable when situations of clearly unbalanced distribution of costs and revenues among the involved actors appear.

Benefits perceived will differ from one customer to the next

Employees must want to do what you want them to do, to get the results you want. Ongoing organizational systems will keep your employees headed toward the desired end result. In essence it is a road map from where you are now to where you want to be later on. As with so many other directions people take in life, the time and the place just happen to be right.

Today?s Accomplishments Were Yesterday?s Impossibilities

Choose a product which you can buy in small quantities so you are not tying up a lot of money in stock each time. You have to decide: Are you more formal or chatty? In this case, even though the margins will be smaller than they would if you were buying larger quantities, you will still make a profit on each sale. Bankers like to stress the personal aspect of their services.

Be alert for innovative competitors

This occurs away from day-to-day business activities. If you re a high-tech startup, top employees are likely to ask to see your plans for attracting venture capital and later selling out to a bigger firm or going public so they can realize the value of their stock options. Have a day in which you offer special bargains to the people of a certain town, village or hamlet. Install financial controls to ensure accuracy and accountability.