The reasons why Bill Gates decided to start Microsoft may be vastly different from the reasons John Dough decided to buy his own pizza business. Give these good customers a reason to continue frequenting your business and giving your company referrals. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is devoted to helping small-business people get started and run successful businesses. In fact, the borrower s track record and management ability are concerns for bankers evaluating a loan application.

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Most owners mistakenly focus on cutting costs instead of increasing revenue when things go bad. Save your best material for the words you speak. The need to hold large stocks of products is a big problem for any start-up because that requires a lot of money not only to buy the products, but also to store them, to transport them, to distribute them and even to insure them. Perhaps your political beliefs are very important to you.

The best plan describes a business selling something everybody needs

You can have the same kind of people on an advisory board but you don t report to them nor do they have the same power as a board of directors. Do whatever it takes. Today, thanks to deeper insight, most men believe that life itself is opportunity; that the very air we breathe is opportunity; that each new day presents broader opportunities for accomplishing more because of better directed energy. Business ideas that no one has ever thought of are rare.

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Values are created in relationships because resources are combined through relationships. Why do bankers seek collateral? Profit shows you how much money your business makes. Make it your goal to seek one wealth-building asset within the next six months.

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Wouldn't it be better for everyone if products were sold directly by producers to consumers, bypassing the markups of intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers, and retailers? The oldest in point of time and the most pessimistic theory held that wages were fixed by competition and the growth of population at the bare subsistence minimum, a bare starvation level. Instead of spending all your time with weak people, spend time with your best team players who make you the most money. Grocery stores that provide take-out food are convenience substitutes for traditional fast food restaurants.

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You get stuck using the same suppliers and vendors over and over. that s you! The purpose of every price estimate is to create an accurate budget of what the product, service, or production costs will be. They proactively market their services, sell what they have to offer, nurture new customer targets, create loyal customer relationships, get involved in industry and community organizations, offer differentiating services to customers, and work hard to put customers first.