Only after you know the exact amount of your company equity or capital investment can you determine the return on investment you want to shoot for. It is no good Ikea selling everything in its warehouse and then surveying the empty shelves and wondering what happens next ' it has to constantly and immediately replenish anything sold with new stock and maintain the overall stock levels so it always has enough for its customers' requirements. If you have investors who want to sell the company someday, you may need a plan with a big number in the field for shareholders equity on the projected balance sheet. Then they're put into jobs without proper indoctrination and with little training, and they're left alone to learn on the job without feedback or coaching.

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Second, consider the amount of money you are likely to need. It s easy to believe that a longer, more detailed plan is always better than a short, concise one. So any plan you show to a potential ally will stress this aspect of your operation. So deal with these sections of your plan in greater depth, but you can be more concise in other areas.

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So replace fixed costs with variable costs and adopt a new model ' pay as you go. What can you offer to your customers, vendors, suppliers, or competitors? Profit feeds and supports business growth. If these important things aren't adhered to in a systematic and standardized way, the customer will stop doing business with the company.

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However, your business plan is more than insurance. Without a tracking system, people can't be accountable for hitting their expected results without a current knowledge of their progress toward the finish line. Put your priorities first and reap the real rewards of business ownership. Determine that every portion of your store shall pay.

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Other fixed costs include depreciation, insurance, mortgage, and rent. Make your own luck. In bottom-up models, information and processes originate in the lower tiers, usually in an open-ended, ad hoc manner. Where do you stand in terms of retirement planning?

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They want to make at least double the industry average. Use marketing materials that stand out, have bright company uniforms, and drive clean, professionally painted vehicles. The evolution of the business world and the development of relationships and networks are driven by managerial action and by the interaction between interdependent elements of resources, activities and actors. Young men are often discouraged because the desirable places all seem to be filled.