This can lead to a range of mistakes which can truly have the opposite effect of good SM marketing and, instead of attracting and retaining customers, work to offend customers and alienate prospects. The whole notion that one person is key to unlocking the "secret" to SEO is flawed. Webpages with content that is too long can also negatively affect you and your rankings. For SEO to work, the search engines must see off website activity. This means other websites need to mention you and/or link to you.

Understanding googlebot crawlers

Yes, contextual link building is important, because they boost results on search engines. But, the number of links on a particular content page also matters to Google. Deciding on the best social media platforms will be a joint decision made by members of the marketing team. SEO is not the techniques we use to get our sites to the top of Google. SEO is simply the objective of getting to the top of Google. Any technique you use to try and get more attention from Google could be considered SEO. Even if the Flash intro was well developed and contained your keywords in some shape or form, the Google spider would not be able to read it.

Should more importance be given to meta tags for search marketing?

With shorter attention spans, taglines have been shrinking from short sentences to just two or three words. Maslow's Triangle is another way to gain an edge. SEO isn't magic or voodoo. I know some SEO consultants will make you believe they possess magical powers and only they can optimize your website, but don't listen to them. Although over time your SEO position will slip if not maintained often due again to the increased efforts of your competitors.

The reason everyone loves search queries

SEO isn't a quick tactic that will suddenly boost traffic to your website; it's a long-term commitment, Use of this method suggests that management may not recognize the benefits of marketing communications. Understanding SEO is crucial to significantly increasing your traffic and brand awareness. Gaz Hall, a Freelance SEO Consultant, commented: "The low resolution of computer screens causes eyestrain."

Losing Focus on landing pages

Fast forward a few years and Mobilegeddon hit the internet. Gross rating points (GRPs) measure the impact or intensity of an SEO plan. SEO is partly about building appropriate content and partly about getting people to link to you. An effective contact establishes two-way communication.