In 2006 Mat graduated from Sidney Sussex with a Masters in Electrical and Information Science, then went on to form Wakari Ltd as a single man consultancy where he worked on designing synchronized distributed wireless sensor networks for oil rigs. In late 2008, excited by the social web and the concept of building a web-startup, Mat left consultancy and founded Mixcloud where he is now the CTO and heads up the technical and social integration aspects of the product. Mixcloud is now one of the UK’s fastest growing startups, and has been bootstrapped to over 3 Million active users.

NMN: Will this be your first time at Thinking Digital conference? MC: Yes its my first time to Thinking Digital.

Can you give us a quick overview of what you will be talking about? I’m going to be doing a panel with Paul Smith (Ignite100) and Christen Duong (Foursquare) on the heaven and hell of start-ups

How has the start-up journey been for Mixcloud so far? Its been an amazing roller coaster of ups and downs, especially as a boot strapped startup in one of the most competitive niches.

There will be loads of tech start-ups at Thinking Digital, do you have any advice for them? Don’t be afraid of rejection, it will happen a lot. Surround yourself with the brightest people you can, and amazing things will happen.

Which other speakers at TDC are you looking forward to hearing? Mikko Hypponen’s talk on cyber security, its a topic which has intrigued me since I first started coding, but I’ve yet to attend any official talks on the subject.